The most common questions about soft skills

1. Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths?
Good answer: I work well with others.
I always follow directions.
I am well organized, and I always complete work on time.
Bad answer: I am too smart.
2. Tell me about your relationship with your supervisors.
Good answer: I was lucky to work with many good supervisors. I always followed their directions and completed my work on time.
Bad answer: I hate my supervisor that is why I want to get a new job.
3. Describe a situation when you have volunteered for a difficult job or showed initiative.
Good answer: One day we had an emergency at work. The ceiling was leaking, and some of our merchandise was damaged. I volunteered to stay after work and help to remove the damaged merchandise.
Bad answer: I did not volunteer for a difficult job. My boss did not ask me to do it.
4. Tell me about your past relationship with your coworkers.
Good answer: I have never had a problem with my coworkers. I am very helpful and friendly. When we have problems, I always try to come up with solutions quickly and calmly.
Bad answer: My coworkers are my best friends. We usually spend half the day talking about our lives.