A Job Interview
Ann: Excuse me. May I come in?
Mr. Torres: Yes, please.
Ann: Good afternoon. I am Ann Walters. I’m here about the cashier’s job.
Mr. Torres: Yes, Come in. I am Mr. Torres. I am the manager.
Ann: Nice to meet you.
Mr. Torres: Nice to meet you too. Please, take a seat. I’ve looked through your resume. I see that you have some experience working in a restaurant.
Ann: Yes, I worked in a restaurant for two years.
Mr. Torres: Good, can you tell me about yourself?
Ann: I am a very organized and responsible person. I always finish work on time. I work well with others, and take directions well.
Mr. Torres: Can you describe a situation when you have volunteered for a difficult job or showed initiative?
Ann: One day we had an emergency at work. The faucet was leaking, and my supervisor needed somebody to clean the area. I volunteered to stay after work and help to clean up.
Mr. Torres: Why did you leave your last job?
Ann: I moved to another city, and I would like to find something closer to my house.
Mr. Torres: Thank you very much. We will contact you in a week, and let you know the results.
Ann: Thank you. I will be waiting for your call.
Mr. Torres: Good-bye.
Ann: Good-bye.